Twisted Uncles Carl and Mike answer more of your twisted questions on love, sex and relationships. In this episode a man wonders whether to let his wife spend the night with his best friend...and his best friend's ten inch penis! Plus questions about infertility, signs a guy likes you, peach fuzz and why there's so much suffering with people you love.

Leave your 10 inches at the door, it's time for Twisted Uncles!
1) My wife is sexually attracted to my best friend. He has a 10 inch penis. Should I let him have her for the night or too risky?
2) What are things guys do if they really like you?
3) My girlfriend has peach fuzz on her butt. Should I tell her to wax it?
4) My wife is infertile. Should I divorce her to marry someone else?
5) Why do people suffer when they love each other?
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