On Sleepovers and Disturbing Truths, Carl and Mike once again are confronted with questions about the perils of relationships. Watch as they attempt to answer five questions in five minutes on everything from sleepovers, to political opposites, texting, sales vs. marketing, and the disturbing truth about marriage. All that and Carl insults dwarfs. Join in on an episode that ricochets between nonsense, BS, deep thoughts and wisdom.

1) My 17-year-old son wants to have a sleepover with his girlfriend. Is this normal, and what should I do? 

2) If I'm a Republican and the guy I'm dating wants to vote for Bernie Sanders, does that mean we have serious long-term incompatibilities?

3) So, a guy hasn't texted me in 67 days. What should I do? 

4) Is it true that guys have a harder time getting a girlfriend than girls have getting a boyfriend?

5) What's the most disturbing truth about marriage?___
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