Welcome to Wally World, a special 3-Some edition of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike! Our guest is long-time friend Wally Williams. Wally is Founding Partner and Creative Director of Tequila Mockingbird a full-service music and radio production house. Tequila Mockingbird created the theme music for our Carl and Mike podcast.

In this special three-some episode we ask Wally five key questions, uniquely chosen based on his background, interests and experience, and challenge him to answer them in five minutes. The five questions are:
1) What makes Austin weird?

2) Would you rather pen a #1 song, movie or book? And why?

3) Best songwriter beside Bob Dylan?

4) Which Republican Presidential candidate would you sell your soul for?

5) Whose more neurotic -- musicians, copywriters or designers/art directors?

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