In this special video of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes video we #Keepit100 by answering questions asked by Larry Wilmore host of The Nightly Show during his Keep It 100 segment.

Keep It 100 means being totally honest, 100% real with your answer. 

Here are the five questions we Keep it 100 with in five minutes:

1) Only allowed one child and you can decide if it's a boy or girl, which do you choose and why?

2) If your child could be the next Michael Jordan or the next Michael deGrasse Tyson, Who would you choose?

3) You have a chance to get rid of sexism or Islamic phobia, but the one you don't get rid of gets stronger. Which do you choose?

4) You have one young child, and you have to put them up for adoption. What race would you choose to raise your child and it can't be your own? 

5) If your dog, who you love dearly, and a stranger you don't know are drowning, and you only have time to save one, which one do you save?

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