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In the OR Show, Carl and Mike must decide between five sets of either/or possibilities in just five minutes. Can they navigate their way between five difficult choices? Find out as they tackle these five dichotomies!

1) Cooler guy - Paul Newman OR Johnny Depp?

2) Thai food OR Mexican?

3) East Coast OR West Coast?

4) Best Director — Hitchcock OR Scorsese?

5) Best Stand Up Comic — George Carlin OR Richard Pryor?

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Quora is a popular question and answer website where you can ask any question from real people with first hand experience or answer questions and become known as an expert in your field of expertise.

We picked five recent questions from Quora to answer in just five minutes. The questions are…

1) Is President Obama a socialist- why or why not?

2) Will church of Scientology lose its tax exemption after the HBO Going Clear documentary? Should it?

3) Is Trevor Noah the best person to host the Daily Show?

4) What's your favorite advertisement?

5) What movie should I watch over and over again?

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