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Welcome to Wally World, a special 3-Some edition of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike! Our guest is long-time friend Wally Williams. Wally is Founding Partner and Creative Director of Tequila Mockingbird a full-service music and radio production house. Tequila Mockingbird created the theme music for our Carl and Mike podcast.

In this special three-some episode we ask Wally five key questions, uniquely chosen based on his background, interests and experience, and challenge him to answer them in five minutes. The five questions are:
1) What makes Austin weird?

2) Would you rather pen a #1 song, movie or book? And why?

3) Best songwriter beside Bob Dylan?

4) Which Republican Presidential candidate would you sell your soul for?

5) Whose more neurotic -- musicians, copywriters or designers/art directors?

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Quora is a popular question and answer website where you can ask any question from real people with first hand experience or answer questions and become known as an expert in your field of expertise.

We picked five recent questions from Quora to answer in just five minutes. The questions are…

1) Is President Obama a socialist- why or why not?

2) Will church of Scientology lose its tax exemption after the HBO Going Clear documentary? Should it?

3) Is Trevor Noah the best person to host the Daily Show?

4) What's your favorite advertisement?

5) What movie should I watch over and over again?

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