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Welcome to Certifiably Trump, a  special edition of 5?:5Min with Carl and Mike. 

This past year we’ve watched with shock and awe as theDonald, climbed to the top of the GOP pile. We, like many Americans, didn’t think it was possible that a man like theDonald could become the President of the greatest country on earth.

We felt we had to do something to make our fellow citizens aware of just how psychologically unfit theDonald is to be POTUS. So we listened to what He had to say, compared His boastful blusterings to what psychological experts like the Mayo Clinic define as Narcissistic Personality Disorder and put those findings on trading cards for the world to collect and share. 

Now we've put together a Kickstarter Campaign to get these cards out into the world. 

To introduce our Kickstarter Campaign we answer the five following questions...

1) How did you get the idea for theDonald trading cards?

2) Is the Donald really certifiable?

3)  Why trading cards?

4)  What should people do with the cards?

5)  What's your favorite card?

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On Sleepovers and Disturbing Truths, Carl and Mike once again are confronted with questions about the perils of relationships. Watch as they attempt to answer five questions in five minutes on everything from sleepovers, to political opposites, texting, sales vs. marketing, and the disturbing truth about marriage. All that and Carl insults dwarfs. Join in on an episode that ricochets between nonsense, BS, deep thoughts and wisdom.

1) My 17-year-old son wants to have a sleepover with his girlfriend. Is this normal, and what should I do? 

2) If I'm a Republican and the guy I'm dating wants to vote for Bernie Sanders, does that mean we have serious long-term incompatibilities?

3) So, a guy hasn't texted me in 67 days. What should I do? 

4) Is it true that guys have a harder time getting a girlfriend than girls have getting a boyfriend?

5) What's the most disturbing truth about marriage?___
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In 60 Seconds to Live, Carl and Mike get asked the title question along with questions on banishing politicians, time travel, space travel and their best advice in 5 words or less. Tune in as they stumble their way through the following five thought-provoking questions. 

What would you think of, if you had 60 seconds left to live?

If you could banish one US politician out of the democratic process for ten years, who would it be?

If you could time travel would you try to alter events of the past?

How soon do you think it'll be before the public is able to travel in space?

What’s your best advice in five words or less?

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Although we're exploring running for President (see our Platform for America at: we weren't invited to the recent Republican debate. Never fear, we've taken five key questions or ideologies from the debate and answered them here in five minutes (more or less -- accent on the more).

Tune in as we respond to the GOP ideology by answering the five following questions...

1) What's your greatest weakness?

2) 10% flat tax will skyrocket the deficit how would you make the numbers work?

3) How do you explain that your tax plan is similar to Ted Cruz?

4) Should the retirement age be raised to keep social security solvent?

5) Republicans argue that government rarely works better than the private sector. Hence the need to make govt as small as possible. Why are they wrong?

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On a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Ellen interviewed Bernie Sanders by asking him several questions designed to loosen Bernie up. Candidates often go on talk shows like this to show their more human, playful side. Well since we're exploring running for President and Ellen didn't call us, we've decided to answer five of the questions she asked Bernie to show OUR human side. And to answer them in just five minutes. Tune in as we answer the following five questions...

1) If you had to be stranded on a desert island with one Republican candidate who would it be?

2) If you were at a karaoke bar and had one song to sing, what would it be? 

3) If you were a flavor of Ben and Jerrys ice cream what would it be?

4) Have you ever been in handcuffs?

5) What did you want to be when you were a kid?

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Carl and Mike put on their prognisticator hats on and make 5 predictions in five minutes. Tune in as Carl and Mike answer these 5 questions. 

Who will come out of the Democratic debate as the winner?

What year will driverless cars outnumber regular cars?

More likely to happen Trump wins Republican nomination or Sanders winning the Democratic nomination?

Ever have someone predict your future accurately?

Who will be Time magazines person of the year for 2015? 

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In All About Trump, Carl and Mike, like all media, are taken over by the power of the Donald. Tune in as they take on 5 questions about Donald Trump and try to answer them in just five minutes. 

1) Is Donald Trump awesome or what?

2) What isn’t the Donald the best at?

3) Will Trump be the Republican nominee?

4) What would happen if Trump became President?

5) In a head to head match-up for President, how would you — Carl and Mike — fare against Trump?

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Carl and Mike tackle three subjects near and dear to their hearts -- politics, sex and religion. All of which are often featured on their audio podcast, Carl and Mike. In this episode Carl and Mike try to answer the following five questions in just five minutes...

1) Who do you think will be the dem and GOP candidates and their running mates in the general election?

2) Is sex on a first date more socially acceptable?

3) What would Jesus do if he were in your shoes?

4) Who will fill the political humor void now that Jon Stewart is gone?

5) Do you have any fears about being wrong about your spiritual beliefs? Explain.

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Welcome to Wally World, a special 3-Some edition of 5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Carl and Mike! Our guest is long-time friend Wally Williams. Wally is Founding Partner and Creative Director of Tequila Mockingbird a full-service music and radio production house. Tequila Mockingbird created the theme music for our Carl and Mike podcast.

In this special three-some episode we ask Wally five key questions, uniquely chosen based on his background, interests and experience, and challenge him to answer them in five minutes. The five questions are:
1) What makes Austin weird?

2) Would you rather pen a #1 song, movie or book? And why?

3) Best songwriter beside Bob Dylan?

4) Which Republican Presidential candidate would you sell your soul for?

5) Whose more neurotic -- musicians, copywriters or designers/art directors?

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As part of Carl and Mike’s exploration on running for President of the United States, they tackle the issue of Education by answering the following five key education questions in five minutes. 

What are your thoughts about the Common Core Standards Initiative?

Do you support teacher’s unions?

Do you support home schooling?

Do you support charter schools?

Should public funding of schools continue beyond the 12th grade?

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